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Name  -  Builder  -  Serial Number  -  Location  -  Piston Size  -  History

U    Cowing    1858    Upper Woodstock, NB

U.S. Army Hospital    Agnew    Chattanooga, TN

U.S. Army Hospital    Button     Chattanooga, TN

U.S. Naval Academy    Hunneman    1859    634    Annapolis, MD    6"

Ulysses #1    Hunneman    1869    704    Provincetown, MA    5 1/2"    Engine is at Provincetown Fire Dept.

Umbagog #2    Hunneman    1858    627    Marblehead, MA    5 1/2"    Delivered to Marblehead, MA as "MUGFORD #4"; sold 1883 to Gorham, NH and given current

Uncas    Smith    Norwich, CT    8"

Uncle Sam                                Augusta, ME

Uncle Sam    Button    1853    Manchester, NH    10"    Delivered to New York City; sold to Waterford NY; sold to Manchester, NH VFA 1899 given current name;
                                                                                       sold to Troy, NH 1916; to Westminster, MA, back to Troy, NH in 1922 to Fitchburg, MA in 1927 used at CCC
                                                                                       Camp. Was at Marlborough, MA at one time.

Uncle Sam    Whitmanville, MA

Undine #2    Hunneman    1859    646    Ottawa, IL    6 1/4"

Undine #2    Hunneman    1864    676    Coldwater, MI    7"

Undine #4    Hunneman    1859    632    Ashburnham, MA    6"    Delivered to Fitchburg, MA; sold to Ashburnham, MA in 1872; scrapped in 1942.

Union    Button    1854    Springfield, OH

Union    Button    1858    South Bend, IN    Longest Stream for an Indiana Engine on Indiana soil: 231' 5"

Union   Button    Salem, NY    10"

Union    Hunneman    1852    448    Scottsdale, AZ    5"    Delivered to Exeter, NH; later to North Walpole, NH; sold to J.D. Filleul, later to Vincent K O'meara, Hialeah,
                                                                                           FL; sold at auction Murfeesboro, TN; to HOF.

Union    Hunneman    1856    571    Harvard, IL    5"    Delivered to Freeport, IL as "WINNE SHIEK #2"; sold to Harvard, IL in 1867 and given current name.

Union    Jeffers    1859    Peabody, MA                         See WASHINGTON #5"
Union    R. Mason    1795    Philadelphia, PA
Union    Rumsey    1897    Millis, MA

Union    Van Ness    1867    Newbury, MA    8 1/2"    delivered to Salem, NY; Rebuilt by Coolidge & Morse of Rutland, VT; to Southborough, MA in 1965;
                                                                                 to the Vixen Hand Engine Assoc. in 1974 named changed to "JOPPA #8" ; restored and sold to Holyoke Ins. Co of
                                                                                 Salem, MA; Now at AHFEM named "UNION#1"

Union #1    Button    457    Brookville, Ont.    10"      to Gananoque,Ont in 1878
Union #1    Cowing    1856    Goderich, Ontario, Canada    At Huron County Museum.

Union #1    Cowing    Greenwich, NY    10"

Union #1    Button        Greenwich, NY

Union #1    Hunneman    1805    7    Ipswich, MA

Union #1    Hunneman    1851    424    Portsmouth, NH    6"    Delivered to Portsmouth, NH as "LACONIA #2"; traded to Hunneman , sold to Greenwich, NY in 1866
                                                                                                  and given current name.

Union #1    Hunneman    1867    695    Southborough, MA    6"    Delivered to the Braintree-Weymouth, MA Fire District; sold to Southborough, MA in 1959;
                                                                                                       NESVFL League Champ 1914, Class B Champ 1960.

Union #1    Thayer    Chelsea, VT    7"    Delivered to Quincy, MA; rebuilt by Hunneman in 1844; sold to Chelsea, VT.

Union #1    Button    1857    Lancaster, PA

Union #1    Smith     1808        Cincinnati, OH                    found to be unreliable, junked 1913

Union #1    P.Lyons    1808     Cincinnati, OH

Union #18    Hartshorn    1858    New York, NY    7"

Union #2    Button    1855    Ellsworth, ME    10"           See "MONATIQUAT"

Union #2    Button    Joliet, IL
Union #2    Button    Springfield OH

Union #2    Howard & Davis    1854    Cambridge, MA        originally named "NIAGARA #3"; rebuilt by Thayer

Union #2    Hunneman    1841    199    Leicester, MA    5"    Now at Town Museum at Leicester Public Library.

Union #2    Hunneman    1848    357    Spencer, MA.    5"

Union #2    Hunneman    1852    445    Pepperell, MA    6"    Delivered to Charlestown, MA was the propertyFitchburg Railroad as "WM. C. HUNNEMAN";
                                                                                                traded back to Hunneman; sold to Townsend, MA in 1867; to Pepperell, MA in 1874 and renamed current;
                                                                                                 scrapped 1942.

Union #2    Hunneman    1854    507    Uxbridge, MA    5"

Union #3    Button    1858    Woonsocket, RI    9"    Delivered to Providence, RI; to Woonsocket, RI.

Union #3    Jeffers    1862        Taunton, MA            Delivered to Rumford, ME named "COUNT RUMFORD"; to E. Providence, RI in 1890 renamed
                                                                                  "WATCHEMOKET"; to Taunton, MA and given current name; destroyed at some point before 1941.

Union #18    Pine & Hartshorn            New York, NY

Union FC    Balthaser Sees    1797    Harrisburg, PA

Union Fire Co.    Bates, Joel    1845    Medford, NJ     6"    Delivered to Medford, NJ as "THE OLD HAND PUMPER"; still there, and owned by Medford, NJ VFC.

Union Fire Co.     Agnew          1847    Salem, NJ                Still at Salem, NJ Fire Museum

Union Fire Co.    Cowing    1861    Carlisle, PA                Original cost $1330; to Indian School Carlisle, PA

United Engine Co.    Hunneman    1850    411    Charleston, SC    6 1/2"    Originally named "WARD ENGINE #6".

United Fire Co.    Hunneman    1874    732    Charleston, SC    6"

United Fire Co.    Button     1855     386       Montrose, PA          purchased new by Montrose FC#2; later became United FC of Montrose; in museum

United States #4    Smith                                New York, NY

United States #63    Smith                                New York, NY

Unknown    Rumsey    1893    Acton, MA    4"

Upland Dilly    R. Mason    1790    Upland, PA    4 1/2"

Upper Falls #4    Hunneman    1842    213    Lake Charles. LA    5 1/2"    Delivered to Newton, MA; sold in 1856 as partial payment for ladder truck;
                                                                                                                    sold to Lake Charles, LA in 1879.

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