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Name  -  Builder  -  Serial Number  -  Location  -  Piston Size  -  History

U    Cowing    1858    Upper Woodstock, NB

U.S. Army Hospital    Agnew    Chattanooga, TN

U.S. Army Hospital    Button     Chattanooga, TN

U.S. Naval Academy    Hunneman    1859    634    Annapolis, MD    6"

Ulysses #1    Hunneman    1869    704    Provincetown, MA    5 1/2"    Engine is at Provincetown Fire Dept.

Umbagog #2    Hunneman    1858    627    Marblehead, MA    5 1/2"    Delivered to Marblehead, MA as "MUGFORD #4"; sold 1883 to Gorham, NH and given current

Uncas    Smith    Norwich, CT    8"

Uncle Sam    Button    1853    Manchester, NH    10"    Delivered to New York City; sold to Waterford NY; sold to Manchester, NH VFA 1899 given current name;
                                                                                       sold to Troy, NH 1916; to Westminster, MA, back to Troy, NH in 1922 to Fitchburg, MA in 1927 used at CCC
                                                                                       Camp. Was at Marlborough, MA at one time.

Uncle Sam    Whitmanville, MA

Undine #2    Hunneman    1859    646    Ottawa, IL    6 1/4"

Undine #2    Hunneman    1864    676    Coldwater, MI    7"

Undine #4    Hunneman    1859    632    Ashburnham, MA    6"    Delivered to Fitchburg, MA; sold to Ashburnham, MA in 1872; scrapped in 1942.

Union    Button    1854    Springfield, OH

Union    Button    1858    South Bend, IN    Longest Stream for an Indiana Engine on Indiana soil: 231' 5"

Union   Button    Salem, NY    10"

Union    Hunneman    1852    448    Scottsdale, AZ    5"    Delivered to Exeter, NH; later to North Walpole, NH; sold to J.D. Filleul, later to Vincent K O'meara, Hialeah, FL;
                                                                                           sold at auction Murfeesboro, TN; to HOF.

Union    Hunneman    1856    571    Harvard, IL    5"    Delivered to Freeport, IL as "WINNE SHIEK #2"; sold to Harvard, IL in 1867 and given current name.

Union    Jeffers    1859    Peabody, MA                         See WASHINGTON #5"
Union    R. Mason    1795    Philadelphia, PA
Union    Rumsey    1897    Millis, MA

Union    Van Ness    1867    Newbury, MA    8 1/2"    delivered to Salem, NY; Rebuilt by Coolidge & Morse of Rutland, VT; to Southborough, MA in 1965;
                                                                                 to the Vixen Hand Engine Assoc. in 1974 named changed to "JOPPA #8" ; restored and sold to Holyoke Ins. Co of
                                                                                 Salem, MA; Now at AHFEM named "UNION#1"

Union #1    Button    457    Brookville, Ont.    10"      to Gananoque,Ont in 1878
Union #1    Cowing    1856    Goderich, Ontario, Canada    At Huron County Museum.

Union #1    Cowing    Greenwich, NY    10"

Union #1    Button        Greenwich, NY

Union #1    Hunneman    1805    7    Ipswich, MA

Union #1    Hunneman    1851    424    Portsmouth, NH    6"    Delivered to Portsmouth, NH as "LACONIA #2"; traded to Hunneman , sold to Greenwich, NY in 1866
                                                                                                  and given current name.

Union #1    Hunneman    1867    695    Southborough, MA    6"    Delivered to the Braintree-Weymouth, MA Fire District; sold to Southborough, MA in 1959;
                                                                                                       NESVFL League Champ 1914, Class B Champ 1960.

Union #1    Thayer    Chelsea, VT    7"    Delivered to Quincy, MA; rebuilt by Hunneman in 1844; sold to Chelsea, VT.

Union #1    Button    1857    Lancaster, PA

Union #1    Smith     1808        Cincinnati, OH                    found to be unreliable, junked 1913

Union #1    P.Lyons    1808     Cincinnati, OH

Union #18    Hartshorn    1858    New York, NY    7"

Union #2    Button    1855    Ellsworth, ME    10"           See "MONATIQUAT"

Union #2    Button    Joliet, IL
Union #2    Button    Springfield OH

Union #2    Howard & Davis    1854    Cambridge, MA        originally named "NIAGARA #3"; rebuilt by Thayer

Union #2    Hunneman    1841    199    Leicester, MA    5"    Now at Town Museum at Leicester Public Library.

Union #2    Hunneman    1848    357    Spencer, MA.    5"

Union #2    Hunneman    1852    445    Pepperell, MA    6"    Delivered to Charlestown, MA was the propertyFitchburg Railroad as "WM. C. HUNNEMAN";
                                                                                                traded back to Hunneman; sold to Townsend, MA in 1867; to Pepperell, MA in 1874 and renamed current;
                                                                                                 scrapped 1942.

Union #2    Hunneman    1854    507    Uxbridge, MA    5"

Union #3    Button    1858    Woonsocket, RI    9"    Delivered to Providence, RI; to Woonsocket, RI.

Union #3    Jeffers    1862        Taunton, MA            Delivered to Rumford, ME named "COUNT RUMFORD"; to E. Providence, RI in 1890 renamed
                                                                                  "WATCHEMOKET"; to Taunton, MA and given current name; destroyed at some point before 1941.

Union #18    Pine & Hartshorn            New York, NY

Union FC    Balthaser Sees    1797    Harrisburg, PA

Union Fire Co.    Bates, Joel    1845    Medford, N   J 6"    Delivered to Medford, NJ as "THE OLD HAND PUMPER"; still there, and owned by Medford, NJ VFC.

Union Fire Co.     Agnew          1847    Salem, NJ                Still at Salem, NJ Fire Museum

Union Fire Co.    Cowing    1861    Carlisle, PA

United Engine Co.    Hunneman    1850    411    Charleston, SC    6 1/2"    Originally named "WARD ENGINE #6".

United Fire Co.    Hunneman    1874    732    Charleston, SC    6"

United Fire Co.    Button     1855     386       Montrose, PA          purchased new by Montrose FC#2; later became United FC of Montrose; in museum

United States #4    Smith                                New York, NY

United States #63    Smith                                New York, NY

Unknown    Rumsey    1893    Acton, MA    4"

Upland Dilly    R. Mason    1790    Upland, PA    4 1/2"

Upper Falls #4    Hunneman    1842    213    Lake Charles. LA    5 1/2"    Delivered to Newton, MA; sold in 1856 as partial payment for ladder truck;
                                                                                                                    sold to Lake Charles, LA in 1879.

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