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HJUSA Hand Engine Database
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Name  -  Builder  -  Serial Number  -  Location  -  Piston Size  -  History

J    Button    1857    459    Jonesport, ME    See Protection

J    Button    Johnstown, NY

J    Ludlum    1829    Jersey City, NJ    Gooseneck engine.

J    Ludlum    1838    Jersey City, NJ    Original cost $1040.50.

J    Rodgers            Jackson, CA                purchased by Volcano,CA in 1856via Sacramento, CA; sold to Jackson in 1864

J    Button                Jackson,CA                for sale bt them in 1864

J.G. Ray    Hunneman    1876   741    Provendence, RI    5 1/2"    Delivered to Franklin, MA; sold in 1912 to C.N Richardson of Providence,RI;
                                                         later scrapped.

J.H. Wynn    Button    1892    740    Greenville, MS    9"

J.J. Gray    Button    1841    Detriot, MI    9 1/2"    Delivered to Troy, NY as "LAFAYETTE #10"; to Cambridge, NY in 1866 and given current name;
                                                                           leased to Hoosick Falls, NY in 1915; to the Insurance Co. of North America in the 1930's; to
                                                                           Waterbury, CT around 1946; found in swamp in PA in 1974, Now at Detriot, MI.

Jackson    Jackson, IL

Jackson    Nott Haven, NY

Jackson #10    Dennison    1860    Meriden, CT    8 3/4"    Delivered to Newark, NJ, in service until 4/10/1866; sold to Meriden, CT for $365
                                                                                       along with hose cart.

Jacob Webster    Howard & Davis    1853    Woburn, MA    6 1/2"    Disposed of 1877-78.

Jacob Webster #2    Button Woburn, MA

Jamaica #3    Hunneman    1834    153    Chicago, IL    5 1/2

Jamaica #3    Hunneman    1856    568    Chicago, IL    5 1/2"    Delivered to W. Roxbury, MA; sold to Wrentham, MA in 1878; to Tibbert Mills in
                                                                                               Lock's Mill, ME
donated to Museum of Science & Industry  Chicago, IL in 1948
James Cook #2    Howard & Davis    Dunkirk, NY    6"

James W. Plaisted    Jeffers    1854    Portland, ME    9 3/16"    Delivered to Bradford, MA as "THE FRANKLIN"; sold to Portland, ME in 1884
                                                                                               renamed "FOREST CITY", in service on Peak's Island till 1897 when it was turned over
                                                                                               to the Portland VFA.; now named current name at Portland, ME VFA museum.

Jefferson    J. Seymour    1829    Cincinnati, OH                        operated by Fame FC#5

Jefferson #3    Hunneman    1858    630    Piqua, OH    6 1/2"    First squirrel-tail suction engine built by Hunneman.

Jefferson #3    Jeffers    1853    Warren RI    10"    Delivered to Watuppa Mills at Westport, RI; later sold to Warren, RI.

Jefferson #3    Button     1847    Warren, RI    7"    Delivered to Watuppa Mills at Westport, RI; sold in 1853? to Warren, RI.

Jefferson Exempts                       New York, NY

Jennie Jewell    Waterloo, IA

Jerome Lapham #3    Button    1840s    Glen Falls, NY            Cost $400

Joe Naper     Button    1874    628    Naperville, IL    8"    Still there

John B. Chase    Jeffers    1857    Bedford, MA    9"    Delivered to Providence, RI; 1896 to Nantucket; 1907 to Taunton MA VFA; to Acushnet VFA of
                                                                                 New Bedford, MA in 1907; to SPNEA and auctioned in 1991.

John Q. Adams    1828

Joseph Ober    R. Mason    Shelburne,VT    4"

Juniata                                Hollidaysburg, PA        purchased in 1841, cost $950, double deck engine

Juvenile #12    New Bedford, MA

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