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Name  -  Builder  -  Serial Number  -  Location  -  Piston Size  -  History

J    Button    1857    459    Jonesport, ME    See Protection

J    Button    Johnstown, NY

J    Ludlum    1829    Jersey City, NJ    Gooseneck engine.

J    Ludlum    1838    Jersey City, NJ    Original cost $1040.50.

J    Rodgers            Jackson, CA                purchased by Volcano,CA in 1856via Sacramento, CA; sold to Jackson in 1864

J    Button                Jackson,CA                for sale bt them in 1864

J.G. Ray    Hunneman    1876   741    Provendence, RI    5 1/2"    Delivered to Franklin, MA; sold in 1912 to C.N Richardson of Providence,RI; later scrapped.

J.H. Wynn    Button    1892    740    Greenville, MS    9"

J.J. Gray    Button    1841    Detriot, MI    9 1/2"    Delivered to Troy, NY as "LAFAYETTE #10"; to Cambridge, NY in 1866 and given current name; leased to
                                                                                Hoosick Falls, NY in 1915; to the Insurance Co. of North America in the 1930's; to Waterbury, CT around 1946; found in
                                                                                swamp in PA in 1974, Now at Detriot, MI.

Jackson    Jackson, IL

Jackson    Nott Haven, NY

Jackson #10    Dennison    1860    Meriden, CT    8 3/4"    Delivered to Newark, NJ, in service until 4/10/1866; sold to Meriden, CT for $365 along with hose cart.

Jacob Webster    Howard & Davis    1853    Woburn, MA    6 1/2"    Disposed of 1877-78.

Jacob Webster #2    Button Woburn, MA

Jamaica #3    Hunneman    1834    153    Chicago, IL    5 1/2

Jamaica #3    Hunneman    1856    568    Chicago, IL    5 1/2"    Delivered to W. Roxbury, MA; sold to Wrentham, MA in 1878; to Tibbert Mills in Lock's Mill, ME
donated to Museum of Science & Industry  Chicago, IL in 1948
James Cook #2    Howard & Davis    Dunkirk, NY    6"

James W. Plaisted    Jeffers    1854    Portland, ME    9 3/16"    Delivered to Bradford, MA as "THE FRANKLIN"; sold to Portland, ME in 1884 renamed "FOREST CITY",
                                                                                                     in service on Peak's Island till 1897 when it was turned over to the Portland VFA.; now named current name
                                                                                                     at Portland, ME VFA museum.

Jefferson    J. Seymour    1829    Cincinnati, OH                        operated by Fame FC#5

Jefferson #3    Hunneman    1858    630    Piqua, OH    6 1/2"    First squirrel-tail suction engine built by Hunneman.

Jefferson #3    Jeffers    1853    Warren RI    10"    Delivered to Watuppa Mills at Westport, RI; later sold to Warren, RI.

Jefferson #3    Button     1847    Warren, RI    7"    Delivered to Watuppa Mills at Westport, RI; sold in 1853? to Warren, RI.

Jefferson Exempts                       New York, NY

Jennie Jewell    Waterloo, IA

Joe Naper     Button    1874    628    Naperville, IL    8"    Still there

John B. Chase    Jeffers    1857    Bedford, MA    9"    Delivered to Providence, RI; 1896 to Nantucket; 1907 to Taunton MA VFA; to Acushnet VFA of New Bedford, MA in
                                                                                      1907; to SPNEA and auctioned in 1991.

John Q. Adams    1828

Joseph Ober    R. Mason    Shelburne,VT    4"

Juniata                                Hollidaysburg, PA        purchased in 1841, cost $950, double deck engine

Juvenile #12    New Bedford, MA

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