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New England States Veteran Fireman's League

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Formation of the NESVFL

Reprinted from the 1990 Centennial Celebration Souvenir Book by Stan Dixon

On invitation of the Boston Veteran Fireman's Association a meeting was called at their quarters 1019 Washington Street, November 20th, 1890, for the purpose of organizing a New England Firemen's League, the object of which was to encourage and perpetuate the oldest sport in the Country, assist outside interests in the promotion of Musters and serve as arbitrator in settling the questions arising among the several Associations affiliated with the League.

Previous to this meeting many Musters were held at which the Judges made the rules governing the same at the field, which led to confusion and ill feeling. This system was not acceptable to many of the Associations who desire a set of rules and regulations drawn up to serve at all musters.

This being the first such meeting in the country the Delegates were admonished to act with Wisdom & Justice and come up with rules which would be acceptable to all of the Muster interests, especially those from other parts of the Country who awaited the outcome of this Meeting for their guidance and direction. After much discussion it was unanimously voted to organize a New England States Veteran Fireman's League.

(From the first Secretary's Report)

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