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The Encyclopedia of American Hand Fire Engines

ency2.JPG (29923 bytes) Produced by Handtub Junction, USA in 2001, the Encyclopedia lists of over 2000 hand fire engine alphabetically by name. It includes the manufacturer’s name, date of construction, a brief history when available, size, current location and more.  In addition to the engine listing there is a hand engine builder list, a glossary of hand engine terms and several pages of information on several of America’s most noted hand engine manufacturers. The many drawings, some from the pages of the maker's original catalog can help anyone who may be in doubt who built their engine.

Encyclopedia of Hand Fire Engines
Qty: Price: $29.99

The 2022 NESVFL Yearbook is here. Get all the stats from the 2022 muster season including muster results, final standings, a page for each engine with a color photo and all thier statistics for the year. Also includes some historical league information and photos. Have all the info at the tip of your fingers! Includes a complete set of original scorecards from the year.
Hopefully this will become an annual publication. 8 1/2" x 11" 26 pages.
Get yours today!

2022 NESVFL Yearbook
Qty: Price: $14.99
A Complete History of the Boston Fire Department
Including The Fire-alarm Service And The Protective Department, From 1630 - 1888 
Reprint of an original work by Arthur Wellington Brayley covering the early years of the Boston Fire Dept. A wealth of information on the different hand engines companies of the city and the people who operated them, along with fires and other historic events.
6 1/4" x 9 1/2"  320 pages
History of the Boston Fire Dept.
Qty: Price: $54.99
Hand Pump Fire Engine Guide
Nice publication produced by handtub enthusist Don Mason in the year 2000. The pictures are not the greatest but loaded with lots of information on identifying hand fir engine , not only American but also some foreign hand engine manufacturers.

Hand Pump Fire Engine Guide
Qty: Price: $24.99

Hand Fire Engine Builders of Pennsylvania
by Randy Watts
Outstanding publication by Randy Watts with an in-depth look at hand fire engine builders from the state of Pennsylvania between 1730 and 1860. Dozens of photos, diagrams and newpapers advertisments. The most comprehensive publication on these builders ever produced. A must for any hand engine enthusiast's library!
8 1/2" x 11"    54 pages

Hand Engine Builders of PA
Qty: Price: $24.99

Another outstanding publication by Randy Watts. Philadelphia Hose Carriage Builders looks at the many hose carriage builders  from the state of Pennsylvania between 1800 and 1871. Dozens of photos, diagrams and newpapers advertisments. You are not going to find more inforation on this subject anywhere!
8 1/2" x 11"    52 pages
Philadelphia Hose Carriage Builders
Qty: Price: $24.99

  Get both Philadelphia Builders publications and save $10!
Philadelphia Builders Combo
Qty: Price: $39.98

1872 Fred J. Miller Illustrated Cataloge 
Reprint of an 1872 Fred J Miller Illustrated Cataloge of Fire Apparatus and Fire Department Supplies of every description. 30 pages of fire appartus and equipment from the era. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
1872 FJ Miller Cataloge
Qty: Price: $17.99

    The Story of Eighty Five Engines Reprint  
The Story of eighty-five engines is literally that. Put togeather by Frank W. Turner who was the treasurer of the Somerville Veteran Firemen's Association. It is a tabulation of 85 different hand engines that competed at musters from the 1890s through 1912 when this book was published. A must for every hand engine muster fans library. Original copies of this book are very hard to find and very expensive when you do find them. But now you can get the most important part of the book, it's information! The original publication was 5 3/8" wide x 7" high. It has been reprinted on 8 1/2" x 11" stock with 2 original pages to one reprint page, 43 pages.

The Story of 85 Engines
Qty: Price: $24.99

Reprint of 1908 Lowell MA. Muster Book
lowellbook.jpg (83039 bytes) Now is your chance to own a  reprint copy of one of the greatest pieces of hand engine memorabilia "The Lowell Muster Book" Reprinted with wide margins so you can make notes, the book is over 60 pages and has over 50 photographs of muster engines from the 1908 muster. 8 1/2: x 11"
1908 Lowell Muster Book Reprint
Qty: Price: $27.99

New England States Veteran Fireman's League 75th Anniversary Book
GS75th.jpg (14377 bytes) A book produced by then League Secretary Charles Mastin for the 75th anniversary of the league in 1965. No pictures but has a page on each organization then a member of the league. Also lots of muster tidbits.  5 1/2" x 8 1/2",  56 pages.
NESVFL 75th Anniversary Book
Qty: Price: $19.99

Side Winders & Coffee Grinders
by Don Mason
GScoffe.jpg (52211 bytes) This is a very informative little book on the out of the ordinary hand fire engine produced in the early 1800's. Learn about engine builders like Luther Holland of Belchertown, MA,  Asshel Hubbard of Vermont to name just a few.  Another must have for the serious handtub buff.  8 1/2" x 51/2",   24 pages
Sidewinders & Coffee Grinders
Qty: Price: $19.99

Cairns & Brothers 1890s Fire Equipment Catalog Reprint
This is a reprint of the 1890s Cairns & Brother catalog No. 18. Lots of great information on helmets, badges, trumpets, clothing and much more. 68 pages
1890 Cairns & Bros Reprint
Qty: Price: $24.99

Cairns & Brothers 1937 Fire Equipment Catalog Reprint
cairns29.jpg (9697 bytes) This is a reprint of the 1937 Cairns & Brother catalog No. 29. Lots of great information on helmets, badges, trumpets, clothing and much more. 48 pages
1937 Cairns & Bros Reprint
Qty: Price: $24.99

1928 Wirt & Knox Mfg. Co. Catalog Reprint
wirt.jpg (13523 bytes) Reprint of the 1928 Wirt & Knox Mfg. Co. catalog No. A-28. Known for there excellent hose reels, there are many more items in this reprint. They sold all kinds of firefighting equipment. 61 pages
1928 Wirt & Knox Catalog Reprint
Qty: Price: $24.99

  1895 Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine Catalog
Reprint of an Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine Catalog. In addition to line drawings and complete description of thier engines also includes a complete list of all 713 engine produced by the company.
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"     55 pages
Amoskeag SFE Catalog
Qty: Price: $27.99

Standard of the Northwest
Reprint Catalog No. C4-A 1923 from the Waterous Fire Engine Co. of St. Paul, MN. Includes Compression Fire Hydrants, Cast Iron Pipe Specials, Extension Valve Boxes, Gate Valves, Watere Works and Firefighting Equipment.
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 33 pages

"Our Goods are the Standard of the Northwest"
Standard of the Northwest
Qty: Price: $17.99

H.K. Barnes Catalog Reprint
GSbarnes.jpg (34410 bytes) Henry K. Barnes of Boston, Ma put out this catalog in 1895. Not as many items as the above 2 catalogs, but still lots of interesting reading.  and a good reference to the equipment of the turn of the century.    
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"      26 pages
HK Barnes Catalog Reprint
Qty: Price: $17.99

Holloway Chemical Fire Engine  Catalog Reprint
GShollo.jpg (44414 bytes) A reprint of an original Holloway Chemical Engine of Baltimore, MD catalog from 1881. Most of Holloway's chemical engine and ladder trucks from the era are pictured along with "standard equipment for each vehicle".   5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 16 pages

Holloway Chemical FE Catalog Reprint
Qty: Price: $17.99

Carriage and Wagon Axles for Horse Drawn Vehicles
   Compiled by the Carriage Museum of America. This is a great publication with tons of information. The book is a compilation on articles on axel making taken from late 19th century journals published in Americafor the Carriage industry. Sections include the development of axle making, axel settings, axle manufactuers, axle types. lubrication and much more.
9" x 12" 250 pages.
Carriage & Wagon Axles
Qty: Price: $34.99

Hand Engine Note Cards

blkjkcard.jpg (29485 bytes) lafcard.jpg (34267 bytes)
Very colorful note cards with 2 magnificent hand engines on them, these ivory colored note cards come 6 to a pack complete with envelopes.
Hand Engine Note Cards
Qty: Price: $16.99

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