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Handtub of the Month  -  May 2023
Rhode Island No. 1 (Hay Cart)  -  Pawtucket, Rhode Island
This engine was built in 1844 by Joel Bates of Philadelphia for Pawtucket, RI and named "Hay Cart". It was one of the last engines of the 25 or so engines built by Mr. Bates. It was originally a bucket tub. In 1848 it was converted into  suction engine by William Jeffers of Pawtucket. This was considered Jeffers first engine and started his foray into the hand engine business. When Pawtucket purchased steam fire engines the "Hay Cart" was sold in 1881 to Westerly, R.I. and the name changed to "N.F. Dixon Jr." At a 4th of July celebration in Pawtucket in 1888 the engine was borrowed from Westerly and played against the "Gaspee No. 9" of Providence (Jeffers second engine) for a prize of a silver water-set given by the City of Pawtucket. The Dixon Jr. bested the Gaspee with a score of 191' 9 1/2", the Gaspee throwing a stream of 182' 2".
The Pawtucket V.F.A. was organized shortly there after and in 1889 they purchased the engine from Westerly and renamed it "Rhode Island No. 1".
The engine has won the NESVFL Championship on 2 occasions. In 1893 at the League muster held in Worcester, MA it won wit ha stream of 204' 7 1/2" beating out 21 other engines. In 1899 at Fall River, MA the engine beat 34 other competitors with a stream of 192' 3" for it's second championship. It is listed in the league records as winning under the name 'Hay Cart".
The longest stream for the engine was 229' 8" on Oct. 6, 1905 at a muster at the Brockton (MA) Fair. It has attended 82 musters finishing 1st 10 times, 2nd 6 times and 3rd 8 times. It has won $2,790.00 in muster competition.
It's current location is unknown.

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