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Handtub of the Month  -  November 2022
Quaboag No.2 -  Warren, Massachusetts

The Quaboag No. 2 of Warren, Ma was built by the Hunneman Company of Boston, MA in 1847 and bears serial number 315. It was delivered new to Lynn, MA and was named Fountain No. 3. In 1859 the engine was traded back to Hunneman & Co. for a new engine(H#651). While in Lynn the engine attended 1 muster on October 16, 1858 in Lynn recording a score of 158 ft.
On March 1, 1865 it was sold to the town of Warren, MA and given the name Quaboag No. 2. It has been in Warren ever since and is still there. It has attended 6 musters since coming to Warren, it's longest stream is 179' 6" at Spencer, MA in 1901.

At a muster held in Warren, Ma onSeptember 3, 1876, the Quaboag shot a stream of 160' 8 1/2" good enough for second place winning a half dozen brooms! After the men had their chance the engine was manned by a crew of boys who did not fair so well. They could only manage a stream of 100' only good for 6th place.
In October of 1882 at a muster in North Brookfield, MA they finished third in the pumping competition. They were impressive in the
"time trial" portion of the muster. The companies would run 100 yards, set up the engine and shot a stream of water. The Quaboag did it in 2 minutes and 3o seconds out running the nearest competitor the Cataract No.1 of N. Brookfield who could only manage 4 minutes 7 3/4 seconds.
It has always been report that the Quaboag had 6" cylinders but it was recently discovered the cylinder size was between 6 7/8" and 7"
September 3, 1876         Warren, MA     160' 8 1/2"        2 of 7        Boys pump     100'     6 of 7
October  1882      North Brookfield, MA         165' 5 1/2"     3 of 5      Time Trials     2min   30sec     1of 5
October 4, 1884       Spencer, MA      155' 6 1/2"          3 of 6
September 11, 1885        Ware, MA      178' 5 1/2"        1 of 4        $50
September 30, 1899        Ware, MA        158' 4 1/2"          5 of 6
August 24, 1901       Spencer, MA        179' 6"        2 of 4       $75
Thank you to Mike Jacques of Warren, MA for the photos of Quaboag No. 2
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