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Handtub of the Month  -  January 2023
Hancock No. 1 - 
Townsend, Massachusetts
The Hancock No. 1 was built in 1861 by Cowing & Co. of Seneca Falls, New York, was a Crane Neck #8 engine with 10" cylinders. It was originally purchased by the Hancock Engine Co. 1 of Charlestown, MA and delivered April 10, 1861. It became known as "Cowing's greatest pride". It took 9 months to build and was one of the best and most costly engines ever built by Cowing & Co. It was retired from service in Charlestown on April 30 1865.
Later on in 1865 it was sold to N. Bridgewater, MA which later became Brockton, MA. It was in active service in the Brockton Heights section till 1908.
After it was retired from service in Brockton it became a powerful muster machine winner several NESVFL Championships(1908, 1909, 1911, 1913 & 1915) in the early part of the 20th century. It was known as one of the "Big Three" from Brockton along with the Enterprise and Protector who dominated the muster curcuit for many years. In 1904 it recorded a stream of over 260 feet defeating a steam fire engine by 2 feet!
It was loaned to Hyde Park, MA VFA for 2 musters in 1895.
 It made it's record stream of 263' 8 1/2" on April 10, 1910 at Brockton, MA and this was the longest stream ever played at a muster and it held this honor till July 4, 1962.
It was sold to Richard Walsh of Newbury , Ma in 1951 and in 1976 sold to the Townsend, MA Volunteer Fire Company for $10,000, one of the highest prices paid for a hand engine up to that time.  It resumed attending musters and won the 1977 NESVFL Class A Championship. The Hancock #1 remains in Townsend, Ma to this day.

The Hancock #1 has attended 374 muster winning 87 of them, finishing second 30 times and third 33 times. It has won $32,078.45 in muster competition with a longest stream of 263' 8 1/2".

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