Handtub Junction, USA
 is proud to present
another fine historic reproduction book entitled:

The Story of Eighty-Five Engines

Compiled by: Frank H. Turner
Treasurer of the Somerville Veteran Firemen's Association


This is a great publication for the handtub muster fan. Mr. Turner writes in the introductory " An old Veteran having past his seventy-third milestone, makes his little bow and offers to all lovers of the sport this little book  which he is confident will prove to be interesting and instructive. Although it is small in size, yet it is very large as regards information pertaining to each of the enclosed engines. It has taken months and months of time and labor to complete the same, and he is positive that its equal has never before been placed in print. He has also added many items and events of the days gone by which will refresh the memory of many. As I am not infallible, a few slight errors may have crept in, yet I have taken hreat pains to have it correct."

Here are a couple of sample pages:

The Story of Eight-Five Engines
Qty: Price: $19.99

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