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There are no handtubs to my knowledge that begin with the letter X.


Yale    Jeffers             North Reading, MA.
Yankee    Roberts             Worcester, MA..
Yankee    Hunneman    1809    #21     Amherst, N.H.
Yantic #5    Waterman         Yantic, CT.         8"
Young America    Button             Los Angeles, CA.
Young America    Cowing             Brooksville, CT.
Young America    Button             Elmira, N.Y.

Young America    Button             Urland, OH.
Young America                 Covialler, OR.
Young America #13   Hunneman   1856   #581     Petaluma, CA.   6"
delivered to San Francisco, CA., sold to Petaluma, CA. in 1868
Young America #2   Hunneman   1858    #626     Machias, ME.    6"
destroyed 1942
Young America #2 Hunneman 1857 #603    Canton, MO. 6"
delivered to Keokuk, IW., sold to Canton, MO.
Young America #2   Hunneman    1854      535    Seattle, WA.    6"
delivered to Salem, Ma., traded to Hunneman in 1861, sold to San Francisco, CA., sold to Vancouver, WA. in 1866, now at Hall of Fire Engines, Seattle, WA.
Young America #3    Cowing    1859         Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Young America #6    Smith          Poughkeepsie, N.Y.         8"
in a museum in Monroe, N.Y.
Young America #6    Crockett    1854         Portland, ME.
Young America #8        1856         New Bedford, MA.

Young Mechanic    Agnew    1853         Middleboro, MA.
Young Mechanic #6    Agnew    1853         New Bedford, MA.
Ypolarth    Button             Ypslanti, MI.
Yreka #1    Hunneman    1858    #615 Yreka, CA.    5 1/4"
Yremuri #2    Hunneman    1859 #645 Matanzas, Cuba     5"
Yuba    Button             Marysville, CA.


Z.G. & Co.     Hunneman    1864 #670    Sagua la Gande, Cuba     4"
this engine replace #667

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