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Quaboug #1      Snook    West Warren, MA,         4"
Quansigamog   Hunneman   1853   #475    Bath, ME.    6'                   241' 8 3/4"  $9,700.00 delivered to Hopkinton, MA., loaned to Franklin VFA of Worcester, Ma, in 1911, sold in 1948 to Torrent VFA of Bath, ME., loaned to Winnisimett VFA of Chelsea, MA. renamed "WINNISIMETT #2", returned to Bath, Me. & assumed it's original name.
Quansigamond Howard & Davis 1853 Shrewsbury, MA.     6 1/2"
at the Central Station
Quick Step    Holland    1810     Bolton, MA.        4"
Quinapac             Fairhaven, N.Y.
Quininapac    Sizlexon & Sickle    East Haven, CT.
Quinonbequin   Hunneman   1853   #474    Hopkinton, MA.     6"             205' 8"

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