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K        Hunneman    1807 #17     Kennebunk, ME  

Kalamazoo    Button     Yperlante, MI.        9"
Kalamazoo #1    Jeffers    Kalamazoo, MI.     10"
Katonah    Cowing    1875    Katonah, N.Y.    4 1/2"

delivered new to Katonah in 1875 , still there (1999) restored.

Kendotak    Jeffers             Madison, WI.
Kennebec    Leslie    1847    Bath, ME.    6" 217' 6 1/2"
$1,580.00 Winner of first muster in Bath Me July 4, 1849   

Kennebec #1    Hunneman    1792 #1     Bath, ME.   
this engine was sold in 1847
Kennebec #1 Button    1867    #585 Westbrook, ME. 9 1/4"
delivered to Bath, ME., to Brunswick, ME. in 1875, to Westbrook, ME. in 1926
Kennett #1    Cowing    1860     Kennett Square, PA.    8"
delivered to the Reliance Fire Co. of Philadelphia, PA., sold in 1875 to Kennett Square, PA. for $575, has 7 1/.2" stroke, 18' brakes
Kinderhook #2    Waterman    1853     Kinderhook, N.Y.    8"
King Phillip    Hunneman    1869      #701    Rockland, MA. 5 1/2""
delivered to East Abington, MA., sold to Rockland, Ma. name changed to  "KING PHILLIP"
King Phillip             Waterford. N.Y.
King Phillip    Jeffers    1859     Bristol, R.I.        9"
Knickerbocker    Smith    1849         Petaluma, CA.
Knickerbocker    Button    Waterford, N.Y.     10"
Konohassett      Button    1856     #404 Cohassett, MA.    10"
delivered to Glen Cove, N.Y. for the Brooklyn Arsenal, to Cohassett, Ma, in 1941, still there

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