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J    Button             Johnstown, NY

J.G. Ray     Hunneman    1876 #741      Providence, R.I.          delivered to Franklin, MA., sold in 1912 to C.N Richardson of Providence, R.I., later scrapped

J. W. Taylor    Button    1850s         Providence, R.I

J.H. Wynn    Button 1892 #740 Greenville, MS.      9"
J.J. Gray    Button    1840      Detroit, MI.     9 5/8"        226" 8 1/2"
delivered to Troy, N.H. named "LAFAYETTE", to Cambridge, N.Y. in 1866 renamed "J.J. GRAY", leased to Hooksick Falls, N.Y. in 1915, to the Insurance Co. of North America in the 1930s, went to Waterbury, CT. around 1946, found in swamp in PA. in 1974    now at Detroit, MI.
Jackson                 Jackson, IL.
Jackson                 Mott Haven, N.Y.
Jacob Webster  Howard & Davis    1853     Woburn, MA.
Jacob Webster #2    Button         Woburn, MA.
Jamaica #3    Hunneman    1856    #568 Chicago, IL.   
delivered to West Roxbury, Ma., now at Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, IL.
Jamaica #3    Hunneman    1834    #153     Roxbury, MA..
James Cook #2    Howard & Davis Dunkirk, N.Y.     6"
James W. Plaisted Jeffers 1853    Portland, MA. 9 3/16"
now at Portland VFA museum
Jefferson #3 Hunneman 1858 #630 Piqua, OH. 6 1/2"
Jenegslett #1 Button    1856 #430 Ringwood, N.J.     10"
delivered to Little Rock, AK. to Ocean Green, N.Y., to Smithville Flats, N.Y. in the late 1860s & renamed "JENEGSLETT #1", to New Hampton, N.Y. in 1973 now located at Ringwood, N.J.
Jennie Jewell            Waterloo, IW.
John B. Chase Jeffers    Bedford, MA.    9"
John Q. Adams        1828
John Quincy Adams #3    Hunneman    1829 #131 Groveland, MA.
delivered to Medford, Ma., Sold to Groveland, MA. IN 1866
Joseph Ober    Mason    Shelburne,VT.     4"

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