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I    Button    1858     Indianapolis, IN        12 1/2"

I    Button & Blake   1857    #454 Indianapolis, IN   10"
I    Button    1840         Inter Lake, NY
Ilion                 Ilion, N.Y.
    Hunneman    1847 #314 Peoria, IL.     5 1/2"
This engine was destroyed
Independence Howard & Davis   1853    Acton, MA. 61/2"  delivered to Concord, MA, sold to Acton, MA in 1878
Independence    Newsham    1772    New Bedford, MA.
Independence    Button    Bradley, ME.     9"
Independence #2 Hunneman 1849 #358 Cohasset, MA. 5 1/2"  delivered to Cohasset, Ma, became part of the Franklin Reed Collection, returned to Cohasset, Ma, in the late 1980s

Independence #5 Hunneman 1853 #484 Randolph,MA.    6"     delivered to North Bridgewater,MA sold to Randolph, Ma. in 1860
Independent    Cowing             Bradford, Ontario
Independent Button 1891 #735 Williamsburg, N.Y.    9"
Independent Button        Columbus, S.C.     12 1/2"
Independent #2    Cowing    1860         Toronto, Ontario
Indian    Button    1854    Indian Orchard, Ma.    10"
delivered to Bangor, ME. named "ARMORY #4", to Orono, Me., to Indian Orchard, MA. in 1904 name changed to "INDIAN"
Inkerman  Hunneman 855  #548 Hong Kong, China  6"
Irad Ferry #12    Cowing    1860         New Orleans. LA.

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