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June 1999

Neptune #8  -   Newburyport, MA

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The Neptune #8 was built in 1878 and delivered to Newburyport, Massachusetts and carries Button serial #650. The engine takes it's name from the Neptune Fire Society which began in 1803 when it obtained an engine to fight fires in the Town of Newbury, Massachusetts.In 1858 the Neptunes became part of the Newburyport Fire Department.

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From 1858 - 1889 the Neptune Engine Company was an important part of the Newburyport Fire Department. In 1889 the company disbanded and the Button engine was sold to near by Ipswich, Massachusetts. At the time it was re-numbered to Neptune #2. The Neptunes continued to serve Newburyport as the Neptune Hose Company #8.

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In 1899 the Neptune Veteran Firemen's association was formed and the group purchased their Button engine back from Ipswich and began competing in hand engine musters. On August 28, 1899 the Neptune VFA attended it's first muster with the Neptune #8. Since that time the engine has accumulated an impressive muster record having attend 507 contest and winning $40,190 in competition. It's longest stream of 285 feet was shot on July 3, 1983 in Bath, Maine. The Neptune #8 won it's first N.E.S.V.F.L. Championship in 1950 and has won it a total of 8 times including 5 in a row from 1980-1984. It also won in 1976 and in 1991.

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