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February 2000

T. W. Lane -   Mystic, Connecticut

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The T. W. Lane was built in 1883 and bears Button serial number 688. It was originally delivered for fire service to Greenville, South Carolina and was given the name Neptune #3. Not much is know about it's early existence however on march 12, 1903 the Button engine was purchased by the East Manchester(NH) VFA and it's name changed to Thomas W. Lane after a former Manchester Fire Chief.

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As of 1908 the East Manchester Vets seemed to have some success with their new engine. They had competed in 18 musters and won 8 prizes. They had won twice, second once, 2 thirds, 2 fourths and a fifth. They had won $900 and in 1906 established a record stream for the engine of 256' 1 1/4" at Nashua, NH.
In 1920 the engine was sold to Waltham, Massachusetts and it's name changed to Major. It appears to have attended only for musters from Waltham not faring well in any of them.   In 1922 the engine was sold to Troy, New Hampshire. Troy used it sparingly as it already had the Uncle Sam a Button engine and also the Hamilton a 6" Hunneman machine.

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In 1967 the Major was sold to the B.F. Hoxie Eng. Co. No. 1 of Mystic, Connecticut and it's name changed to T.W. Lane. Since arriving in Mystic, the T.W. Lane has been a constant and successful competitor on the New England League Muster circuit. It 1980 the engine broken it's own record with a shot 280' in Bath, ME. and it was the 1993 Class A NESVFL Champion. It has won over $20,000 in muster competition, one of only a handful of engines to do so.


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