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November 1999

Merrimack #4  -   Newmarket, NH

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The Merrimack 4 was built in 1847 by the Hunneman Company (having serial #338) for the Merrimack Manufacturing Company in Lowell, Massachusetts. It replaced a smaller Thayer Machine and responded to fires both at the Company and in the city. It was built with 6 15/16" cylinders and "candle lamps" which are still with the machine today. The "4" designation was provided by the City of Lowell which at one time had up to 12 handtubs providing fire coverage. Soon after the Merrimack was bought by them, a hydrant system was installed resulting in the handtubs being retired by the early 1860's.

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The Merrimack attended musters until 1860 and was then stored until 1886 when the Lowell Veteran Fireman's Association was formed to restore and pump the tub. It appeared in only a few musters in that time period as other larger machines were purchased to pump in the NESVFL. It is unknown as to where the machine was stored or what towns it may have been in until 1959 when Wakefield, Mass acquired and pumped the machine for 3 musters.

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It was purchased by the Cole Brothers in 1977 and won most of its prize money in the
next 14 years. It was purchased in 1995 by the Granite Handtub Association of Newmarket NH in 1995 and refurbished by Rob Saucier of Gardiner, Maine in 1998 using a 1952 and a 1887 picture to recreate its original colors, gold leaf design, and murals. In the 28 years of known muster attendance it has won just over $9,000 in prize money.

Handtub Junction, USA would like to thank Vincent Jarosz of the Granite Handtub Assoc. of Newmarket, NH for submitting the above history of the Merrimack No.4.  He is 3rd Vice President of the NESVFL and has been a long time muster fan and judge.

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