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Handtub of the Month

September 1998  

The first ever Handtub Junction, USA "Handtub of the Month" is fittingly the Kennebec of Bath , ME winner of the first muster ever held on July 4th, 1849.

Let's not forget that 1999 will mark the 150th anniversary of the first muster ever held in Bath, Maine.

The Kennebec was built in 1847 by the Edward Leslie Company of Newburyport, Massachusetts. It was delivered to Bath, Maine  new and was the third suction engine purchased by Bath replacing the City's last bucket handtub. The engine was the winner of the first hand engine muster ever held, with a stream of 156 feet. The streams that day were played perpendicular to a flag pole. The name of the engine is taken from the river  of the same name that flows by Bath. The engine has 6" cylinders and has a long stream in muster competition of 217' 6 1/2" done on August 30, 1975 at Essex, MA. (there were a few records set that day, remember? I do). It has won $1580.00 in muster competition.

If anyone has any pictures, stories or further information on the Kennebec that they would like to contribute please send it along. I also would like to know what you think of my pick of the Kennebec email me with your comments.

Handtub of the Month update 9/1/98 from R. Symonds of Kokomo, In. :

Everyone knows that the Kennebec won the first muster in 1849, when did it win it's next muster??????

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