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Welcome to the  Handtub Junction USA Feature Gallery.  In this section we will publish features on various items dealing with the history of Firefighting , we'll  review and have photo essays on musters, shows, engines, fire memorabilia and museums from around the country.  I hope to update it once or twice a month for your viewing pleasure. Visitors to this site are welcome to submit items to be considered for Feature Gallery. If you have something you think might be of interest, contact me at

California Legends

Here are 2 beautiful engines from the State of California. They are currently on display at the Columbia State Historic Park in Columbia, CA. The Citizen No. 1 is athe only hand engine to win championships on both the East  coast and the West  coast and the Papeete has appeared in movies and it's image has appeared on many things. Check out these 2 wonderful engines.

Citizen No. 1


Pervious Gallery Features

James Smith Engine  "Granite No. 4"  Newmarket, NH

Something Extra - Central Mass Engines

The Fast Day Trial - Song

5/01/02 Eagle Handtub - Nahant, MA

7/31/01 Aurora Regional Fire Museum Button Hand Engine Restoration - Part 1

O5/28/01 Oko's Hall, Marblehead, MA

4/30/01 Allentown Shots

2/26/01 City of Springfield Hand Engine

Handtubs of the Month  - History & photos of several handtubs

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