Here is some of the customization that has been done with the Half-pint helmets:

BFD-E10.jpg (26882 bytes)
Boston Engine 10
BFD-L15.jpg (20052 bytes)
Boston Ladder 15
BFD-Rscue1.jpg (25542 bytes)
Boston Resuce 1
chiefsaid.jpg (25744 bytes)
Cambridge, MA
Saugus.jpg (32049 bytes)
Saugus, MA
BFD-G13.jpg (27969 bytes)
Boston, MA
BFD-L2.jpg (27351 bytes)
Boston Ladder 2
BFD-L6.jpg (22648 bytes)
Boston Ladder 6
BFD-L7.jpg (21335 bytes)
Boston, Ladder 7
BFD-L29.jpg (25437 bytes)
Boston Ladder 29
BFD-E17.jpg (21638 bytes)
Boston Engine 17
WE can replicate
any helmet front.
Send along a picture
or a sketch and get your helmet in miniature today!!
Click here for more details.

Coming soon to the General Store!!
Full size leather helmets with an assortment of finials! These also can be customized to your favorite company!!
Here is a beautiful example of what can be done!!!
To have a helmet like this one made would cost $299.

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