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The General Putnam is a 10" Button engine built in 1871 and bears Serial No. 603. It was delivered new to Danvers, MA.. In 1878 it was sold to Weymouth, MA for $900. In 1891 it was purchased by the Worcester, MA VFA. Now at the Worcester Fire Dept. It was recently on display during a muster in Worcester, MA.

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Deaf Joe was built by Ephraim Thayer in 1811 and went to Leicester, MA where that town formed it's first engine company in 1812. It saw service till 1861 and spent most of that time in stables at the rear of Town Hall. In 1923 the engine was stored in North Oxford.The engine is now at Leicester, MA. Also in Leicester, MA at the public Library is the Union No. 2 Hunneman No. 199 which saw service till 1889.
Here is how Deaf Joe looked recently at a muster in Worcester, MA.
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