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Here are some wonderful solid pewter items , hand-crafted north of the border in Canada. These make wonderful gift items for any firefighter.  

Solid Pewter Key Chains by Sparta

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Solid Pewter Key Chain by Sparta

Qty: Price: $12.99       Style:

Shipping is included in the price!!

Solid Pewter Lapel Pins by Sparta

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Solid Pewter Lapel Pin by Sparta

Qty: Price: $9.99      Style

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Solid Pewter Figurines by Sparta

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Pewter Dalmatian Hydrant figurine.
1 1/2" high x 2 1/4 long.
Makes a great paper weight!!

Dalmatian - Hydrant by Sparta
Qty: Price: $14.99

Pewter Boots & Helmet Figurine.
2" high x 1 1/2" wide.
Makes a great paper weight!!

Helmet & Boots by Sparta
Qty: Price: $14.99

Buy Both figurines for only $26.98 save $3.00!!

2 Figurine Combo by Sparta

Qty: Price: $26.98

Shipping is included in the price!!

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Pewter letter opener with firefighting emblem. 7" long.

Pewter Letter Opener
Qty: Price: $14.99

Pewter Money clip with firefighting emblem.  1 1/4" wide.

Pewter Money Clip
Qty: Price: $14.99

If you have any questions email us at Handtub Junction@aol.com

If you are uncomfortable sending your credit card info over the Internet or would prefer to pay by check or money order, you may mail payment and order form to:
Handtub Junction, USA
PO Box 359
Southborough, MA  01772
or call 508-786-0977,
If no answer leave a message and someone will call you back with in 24 hours.

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