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Here is a fine assortment of items sporting the Handtub Junction, USA logo or made just for us. Now you can spread the word of HJUSA!

Handtub Junction, USA Exclusive!!!!!!!!
Button Hand Engine Key Chains

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These solid pewter key chains are handcarfted in Cananda exclusively for HJUSA. The front has a beautiful engraving of a Button hand fire engine, the reverse has some info on this famous hand engine maker.
Click Here to order

Shipping & Handling is Free!!!!!!  

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Mug & T-Shirt Combo
Get a great looking Hanes T-shirt in stone-washed green sporting the Button Hand Fire Engine Co. logo along with an authentic HJUSA Diner Mug that makes that morning coffee taste just right. 

Button T-Shirt & HJUSA Diner Mug Combo
Qty: Price: $21.99            Size:

Button T-Shirt Only
Qty: Price: $16.99     Size:

HJUSA Diner Mug Only
Qty: Price: $8.99

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Show your "Handtub Pride". Wear it as a lapel pin or tie tac or hat pin. This great set of Handtub pins will show people your true love.Set includes a side stroke(class A) engine and an end stoke engine (Class B)

Set of Handtub Pins
Qty: Price: $7.99

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A great place to display 'Handtub Pride" and keep the sun out of your eyes at the same time with the HJUSA 100% cotton cap. Adjustable to all sizes.

HJUSA Cotton Cap
Qty: Price: $13.99

Shipping & Handling is Free!!!!!!  

    HJUSA Commemorative Collector's  Ribbon 

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Help celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the first hand engine muster with this great looking muster ribbon. Sure to become a collectors item as there were only 60 produced. Get yours now while they last. Ribbon reads "CELEBRATING 150 YEARS OF THE HAND ENGINE MUSTER - A NEW ENGLAND TRADITION". Also has a very nice goldtone HJUSA Medal. Ribbon measures 8 1/2" long x 2" wide. Buy 2 and save!!!!!

1849-1999 Commemorative Ribbon
Qty: Price: $7.95

Pair of 1849-1999 Commemorative Ribbon
Qty: Price: $14.50

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     1999 HJUSA Hand Engine Journal  

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Get Yours While They Last!!!!

This is a publication for any handtub lover. Jam packed with handtub information. Over 3 dozen photographs, complete hand engine muster results from 1999.  also has the first 12 Handtub of the Month histories.
Price includes $3.20 for Priority Mail.

HJUSA Handtub Journal 1999

Qty: Price: $10.00

Shipping & Handling is Free!!!!!! 

      HJUSA Year 2001 Hand Engine Calendar 

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See the  Pictures for 2001

Its time to start thinking next year with the 2001 HJUSA Hand Engine Calendar.  12 assorted pictures and drawings that will be a reatl treat for any handtub lover. Also makes a great gift for any fireman. Get yours today! Last years calendar sold out!!!

2001 Hand Engine Calendar
Qty: Price: $12.00

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These high quality display cases are just the thing to protect your valuable collectibles. Great for storing & showing your ribbons, badges, helmet fronts, post cards or what ever else you can think of. Right now we stock only the 16"x12"x3/4". Other sizes can be special ordered. Click here to see the other sizes available.

Display Case

Qty: Price: $8.75

If you have any questions email us at Handtub Junction@aol.com

If you are uncomfortable sending your credit card info over the internet or would prefer to pay by check or money order, you may mail payment and order form to:
Handtub Junction, USA
PO Box 359
Southborough, MA  01772
or call 508-786-0977,
If no answer leave a message and someone will call you back with in 24 hours.

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