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Papeete     Hunneman #452  Built 1852   7"
Delivered to Brooklyn, NY as "Phenix #12", traded in 1855 to Hunneman Co.; sold in 1856 to King Kama-ha-maha of the Sandwich Islands,  named current name and shipped to San  Francisco, CA. Crew jumped ship upon arrival for the Gold Rush; later engine was put into service in San Francisco, CA during a large fire; In 1859 it was purchased by the Tuolumne County Engine Co. No. 1  of Columbia, CA. It is now on display at the Columbia State Historic Park, Columbia, CA.


All photos by E. Lowe-Jones & D. Falconi

Handtub Junction, USA would like to thank the Columbia State Historic Park & State Park Interpreters Steve Bechtold & Darci Moore for their help and cooperation with these features. I would also like to thank John Lowe and Elizabeth Low-Jones my gracious hosts on my visit to California.
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