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Handtub Database

Welcome to the Handtub Junction, USA Database of Handtubs. This is a list of mostly American made hand fire engines built from about 1750 through 1900. This list has been developed over the past 25 plus years of my involvement with handtubs and related activities. This list is far from being etched in stone, if anything it was written in very light pencil, and that pencil has a big eraser. While I know that some info is 100% accurate, there is other info contain herein that might not even be 10% accurate. I can not guarantee the accuracy of any of the following information. But that is where you might be able to help out. If you have any info that contradicts what I have or if you have information about a particular engine that is not in the database, let me know, I'll update it. If you have a question on a particular engine click here and ask us. Also if you find a broken link or something is not right, please let us know so it can be repaired.

The lists are arranged by the engine's name and includes any information that is known about the engine including other names it might have had and other locations it might have been in. The information about each engine is arranged  something like this:

Engine Name, builder, year built, serial #, hometown, cyl size, longest stream, money won, history & other info about the engine.


Androscoggin  Hunneman  1850   #385  Topsham, ME.  6"   226'3/4"    $12,840.00      still in Topsham, ME. ,N.E. Class B Champs 1946, 1949,1950,1954

There is a way to a search of the Database pages, but it will also search all off HJUSA for more info on the seat capabilities click here. So go on and enjoy, I hope to have a printed copy of the whole database along with some other info available through the General Store within the next couple of months. But until then come on in and check it out!!!!  I think you will like it.

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