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New England StatesVeteran Fireman's League
    2017 Muster Schedule.
If you would like to host a hand engine muster in your community email us at Handtub Junction@aol.com to find out how!

Have You Checked out the Classifieds Corner Lately???
 We have some very fine & rare firefighting antiques in the Classified Corner.  In addition to the ribbons and badges, there are helmets and many other assorted items.  Click here to check out what we have now. Got something you want to sell?  Contact us at Handtub Junction @aol.com to list your item today!!

General Store Just Gets More & More
 We continue to add items to the HJUSA General Store. You'll find a complete line of Boston Fire Dept. apparel, Now you can get custom leather helmet fronts for any helmet on the market today.  You will find dozens of historical reprints in the publication section. Don't Forget the wonderful Reproduction Plates featuring the logo of the 1850's vintage hand fire engine Yankee No. 5 of Worcester, Massachusetts. These make great gifts and are sure to become collector's items. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can check them out by clicking here. Speaking of reproductions we have a great line of firefighting reproduction helmet, buckets, trumpets and more. There is lots of other items to chose from for anybody that has any interest in the fire service past or present.  whether it's a retirement gift, birthday gift, or some other special day you can find it in the General Store. From Phenix firefighting helmets to custom buckets, helmets and plates. Boston Fire Department apparel. reproduction trumpets, custom  helmet fronts and much, much more. The is literally something for everyone in the fire service. Click here to start you shopping!

Feature Gallery

Click here to see stories of various handtubs from around the country!

 The Encyclopedia of American Hand Fire Engines
Click here to Order yours!

What better gift for any handtub enthusiast then the  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN HAND FIRE ENGINES. There is over 100 pages of information, in addition to the over 2000 hand engines listed you will also find so basic builder identification information and other interesting facts about handtubs and their manufacturer. This will not only be of interest to handtub junkies, but also will be valuable asset to the fire memorabilia collectors as a tool to help identify and date, helmets, trumpet, badges, etc.

The HJUSA Bulletin Board to Quiet
The HJUSA Bulletin Board has been awful quiet over the last few weeks. Don't be afraid to leave your comments, questions. Got a certain item you are looking for, for your firefighting memorabilia collection, post it up, see if some one has what you want. Maybe that question about a piece of apparatus you could never find an answer to, post it and see what happens. Click here to leave your comments

HJUSA Hand Engine Database & Builders List
The Handtub Junction, USA Database of Handtubs is now complete from A-Z check out and make sure your engine is listed, if not let me know so I may update and include yours. There are over 1700 hand fire engines listed. you will also find a list of over 100 American hand fire engine builders with there location and other info. 

Places to Go & Thing to See

Handtub Junction, USA General Store

Handtub Junction, USA Classified Corner

Lots of historical fire related publications, reprinted catalogs and other neat items.

Just the place to sell or buy your firefighting related collectibles and other neat stuff.      

New England States Veteran Fireman's League

North American Class C Muster Association

Get the latest schedule, news, results and much more on of this century old association.

Stay updated on the latest of news, events and results of the small hand engine league.

Handtub of the Month

Hand Engine Database

     Each month a new "Handtub of the Month" is crowned, check out and see who is chosen for this month 

A  listing of over 1700 American made hand fire engines built between 1750 and 1900.

Hand Engine Makers

Contact Handtub Junction, USA

A list of more than 100 mostly American builders of hand fire engines from the 1600's through 1900,some built one engine , others built hundreds

Got something you want to say, or something to share. Don't be afraid to send along a email and give us your thoughts Good or Bad!!!!

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Bulletin Board

Send your comments or  questions r directly to HJUSA

Post your comments for all the world to see.

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